Running News – January 2020 (Minisode)

Hello Runners!

How are you? How was your January, the first month of the new year and decade? How is your running so far? Did you do a race yet? Did you set your 2020 goals? Are you training?

If you are a new runner and have stuck with it for the month of January, how do you feel? Are you happy with your results thus far? Stick with it, keep running, and don’t ever give up. You can do it! I know you can.

Well runners, I’m giving up paradise…the warm weather, beautiful beaches, endless beauty and wonderful people. I’m leaving Maui, Hawaii and moving to Denver, Colorado! Yes, now I will be wearing warm clothes, jackets, gloves, hats and long johns.

Seriously, Colorado is a beautiful state and I moved to Maui from Denver so I know the city and state well. I’m so excited to again run the beautiful bike trails and trails and re-engage with my running friends. But most important, I look forward to spending lots of time with two wonderful little grandkids, Carson and Easton!

I love Colorado and am looking forward to being back. So all you Colorado runners, Feel Good Running Podcast will now originate in Denver! It will become even better! Maybe you can come on a tell your story? Send me a Email to Jim Lynch at and let me know about any pub runs and group runs around the Denver area.

You will enjoy this minisode. I have five inspirational, motivating and entertaining stories about real runners! Enjoy!

See you in Denver!

~ Jim



Study-Running a marathon cuts years off artery age -Michelle Roberts-Health editor, BBC News online –

Kody McGrew – Carries a 50lb log at Arizona Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in honor of fallen first responders. (Writer Chris CaraveoArizona Daily Independent) – Article

Amer Ismail – Lost 220 lbs and ran the Chevron Houston Marathon – (Reporter Janelle Bludau – KHOU 11 Houston) – News Report

Mike Mahaney – Lost 155 lbs and rand the Chevron Houston Marathon – (Reporter – Caleb Beames – KTRE 9 Houston) – News Report

Aiden Jaquez – Youngest person to run a half-marathon in all 50 states at 11 years old. (Reporter – Judy Pochel – Aurora Beacon News) Article – Aiden’s Story: Localish – National News of Aiden: CNN Report – Des Moines Marathon Aiden’s 50th State Finish: Mullet Made Films Report – List of Aidens running results: Athlinks

Splash and Dash

Racine Journal Times (Reporter – Richard Torres) ArticleSplash and Dash Website – S&D Facebook5k EventsPatrick Flynn 5k owner Facebook page.


Inspirational Running Quote

“Never Doubt Yourself…Always Believe in what you can do…And don’t ever think you can’t do something…Always try and try and do it!”11 year old Aiden Jaquez – Youngest person to run a half marathon in all 50 states.


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About the Host, Jim Lynch

Thank you for listening to my podcast. I'm a long time "Feel Good" runner myself completing 101 Marathons and a certified 50 State finisher having completed a marathon in all 50 states plus DC.

I am the Race Director of the Maui Marathon and former Vice President of the Valley Isle Road Runners on the island of Maui, a certified RRCA Running Coach and now a recognized Podcaster!

Running is my passion and has really defined my life. With all the support over the years I have personally received from volunteers from all the races I have done, I would like to give back.

The "Feel Good Running" podcast is for the everyday runner. If you are a long time runner, fairly new to running or even just thinking about running, I hope to appeal to you and bring you inspiration and motivation with my guests and my many years of running experience. I hope to be one of your go to running podcasts for years to come.

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Thank you for listening and I hope you too will become a "Feel Good Runner" yourself! ~ Jim

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