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The "Feel Good Running" Podcast is for the everyday runner. Runners who just enjoy well...running.  Our goal is to inspire, motivate and entertain our audience.

Running is an individual sport. Each runner has their own personal reason why they run. Many runners have somehow found running and it has changed their life, no matter what age.

So why do you run?

  • Did you overcome a challenge?
  • Possibly overcame or are winning the battle of an addiction or disease?
  • Perhaps you had a serious life hardship, divorce, loss of a significant other, family member or friend?
  • Maybe you just wanted to meet some new friends and joined a running group and now they are your best friends.
  • Could be you are not a runner and are thinking of becoming one
  • Or simply you just found you like running over anything else!

Regardless of your reason, you are at the right place. The "Feel Good Running" Podcast is the place for you to listen to other runner's stories.

Would you like to share your story which could inspire or motivate other runners?  Your story may change someone's life!  It did yours!  Jim Lynch our host would love to hear about your story and possibly interview you for one of the episodes. Click here and type in a brief summary of your story and we will get back to you.

On this Podcast, you will hear a variety of interviews with all sorts of runners who will inspire, motivate and even entertain you. You may laugh, you may cry, but you will go away feeling good about your running!

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Thank you again for checking us out and...Remember to always "Just Show Up" and always, always feel good about your running!