Tina Muir – Running for Real – Making a Difference

By Jim Lynch | 10/25/2022 |

Hello Runners! Fall race season is winding down, and what a season it has been thus far. First, the world record at the Berlin Marathon by Eliud Kipchoge with a time of 2:01:09. And a week later, the US Women’s Marathon Record fell at the Chicago Marathon by Emily Sisson with a time of 2:18:29.…

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Eliza Fletcher – Heinous, Senseless, Murder – Safety Tips from Tasha Ina Church

By Jim Lynch | 09/09/2022 |

Hello Runners! This must stop! Another young woman was violently murdered while out for a run! Eliza Fletcher from Memphis, wife, mother of two boys, and a Kindergarten teacher, was out for a run on Friday, September 2, 2022. She was running at about 4:00 AM, just doing what she loved, when he violently attacked,…

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Julia Beckley – Adaptive Athlete – Making a Difference!

By Jim Lynch | 07/29/2022 |
Julia Beckley - AWD Athlete

Hello Runners! Wowza! It has been a hot, hot summer thus far! It can undoubtedly be challenging to run in training and races. Are you an intelligent runner, staying hydrated and not overheating? I hope so! August is upon us and the fall race season is just around the corner. Where did the summer go?…

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Running Inspirational News and Stories – June 20, 2022

By Jim Lynch | 06/20/2022 |

Hello Runners, The Show Notes for this episode will be available Wednesday June 22 or earlier. Please check back. Thank you! ~ Jim

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Bonnie VanDeraa– A Story of Survival – Redux

By Jim Lynch | 04/25/2022 |

Aloha Runners, How are you? Are you reaching all of your 2022 running goals? Did you run Boston this year? Did you run a race this year? Running is back, and there are so many races. I’m in Hawaii, specifically Maui. Yesterday was the Maui Marathon. I am the course director and will talk about…

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Running Inspirational News and Stories – April 12, 2022

By Jim Lynch | 04/11/2022 |

Hello Runners, Pollen is upon us as trees and flowers come back to life after the winter months. Well, that, of course, depends on where you live. Trees and flowers bloom all year long in some parts of the United States. Not in Denver. We get the sunshine here, but the trees are bare, and…

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Ben Reisinger – From 375 lbs to a 2:52 Marathon

By Jim Lynch | 03/28/2022 |

Hello Runners, It’s spring! On my run this morning, I heard birds chirping. Yeah, being in Denver, we have this thing called winter. I know that some of you live in warmer climates and cannot relate. But the bird thing is a big deal. The snow thing gets old! I’m pleased to bring you this…

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Running Inspirational News– March 14, 2022

By Jim Lynch | 03/14/2022 |

Hello Runners, Thank you for listening to this episode. I hope you enjoy it. This will be short and sweet. Check out the Show Notes below for links to the stories I mentioned this episode. Enjoy the last full week before spring arrives. And keep on running! ~ Jim   Show Timestamps [00:33] – Host…

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Running Inspirational News– March 7, 2022

By Jim Lynch | 03/07/2022 |

Hello Runners, How are you? It’s already March, and it’s entirely possible you may have already run a race this year, or are training for a spring race, or maybe you are a new runner and now seeing results or just running for enjoyment. No matter, I hope you are injury-free and feeling great! So,…

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Running Inspirational News– February 2, 2022

By Jim Lynch | 02/02/2022 |

Hello Runners, How is it going? It’s February, and we have already completed one month of 2022. I hope you are all healthy. Are you on track with your running goals for 2022? And for our new runners who may have started your running journey as a new year resolution, are you still with us?…

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