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Winter is in full swing and that certainly is a motivational deterrent resulting in less outside running…especially since there is a polar vortex choking parts of mainland USA. So since you are hunkered down in your igloo, what would be better than grab a blanket, strike up a fire in the fireplace and listen to this episode of the Feel Good Running Podcast.

Peter Sagal, host of the Peabody Award winning news quiz Wait Wait…Don’t Tell me on National Public Radio, is my guest for this episode. I am so humbled and honored to have had this opportunity to spend some time speaking with him and to share it with you.

Aside from his day job, Peter is also a marathon runner and his new book, The Incomplete Book of Running is a wonderful read. Since this is a running podcast, we talk about, well, running! His book is very well written and is a journey though some of the struggles in his life with weight, depression and a painful divorce. Through all of it, running is the glue that kept him motivated and moving forward. Peter gracefully intertwines his stories and weaves in and out through his personal issues and running stories as you move through each chapter.

You will enjoy his humor but also feel his pain and experience his selflessness and running accomplishments. So the next thing you need to do while you are hunkered in your igloo curled up, (or maybe lucky enough to be on a beach in the warm sunshine) is download The Incomplete Book of Running at Amazon!

In this episode I also talk about my favorite weekly run on Saturday but segue into female runners safety. It breaks my heart to hear about female runners that are hassled, harmed or killed as they are out enjoying a run.

In 2018, we all lived through the national media following the search for University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts who never returned from her run that day. Everyone including us runners were hoping she would be found alive but as each day went by with no sign of her, our thoughts succumbed to the inevitable that she was most likely gone. This happens way too often and it sucks that there are male predators out there looking to attack and harm female runners. It is unacceptable.

The internet is filled with safety tips for female runners. I talk about a few, especially the Emergency SOS feature available on Galaxy and iPhones that can be an absolute life saver. I list some links below for you.

The news segment of the podcast features two wonderful stories, Stefan LeRoy and George Chernowski who both ran the Disney Marathon this year. You will find each of their stories inspiring. And, I was at the Maui Oceanfront Marathon on the course supporting my friend Beth Downs who PR’d. Check out Episode #4 and my interview with Beth. I was also able to get a few comments from some of the runners at the finish. It was a beautiful day and the whales were definitely jumping and putting on a show for the runners!

And of course, I end the show with a motivating running quote to finish off the show! This week from olympic medalist and American record holder, Deena Kastor.

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Runners…remember to just show up and always, ALWAYS feel good about YOUR running!



Jim’s Opening

Women’s Running Safety – Links


iPhoneSOS Emergency call setup informationVideo Instruction – I have a iPhone 6 and this feature is on it so google for instructions for earlier versions

Galaxy AndroidSOS Emergency call setup informationVideo Info – Google for further instructions for earlier phones

Scared to Run Alone – NBC – Women share tips on running safety

Running Safety Tips – From Women’s Running


Contact – Feel Good Running to get on the list for the periodic Newsletter!


News Segment

Stephan LeRoyWPEC News Article – Double Amputee US Army Vet – Luli Ortiz

George ChernowskiBuffalo News Article – Amy Moritz – 73 year old runs Disney Half-Marathon with son and Granddaughter.

Maui Oceanfront Marathon

Beth Downs – Episode #4 Interview – An Inspiring Mother Runner!


Peter Sagal

Simon & Schuster -Publisher Page and which also contain links to order his book

Amazon – Order through Amazon

Wait…Don’t Tell Me – NPR News Quiz hosted by Peter Sagal

PBS Newshour Video – NPR’s Peter Sagal on prioritizing time ‘without input’

Chicago Magazine – Why Peter Sagal won’t stop running!

Jim Fixx

Team with A Vision – Boston Marathon

Chicago Marathon

Boston Marathon



Inspirational Running Quote

“A Goal is Just an Awesome Way to Force Growth on Yourself.”. – Deena Kastor – Olympic Medalist and American Record Holder

So set yourself some running goals today and watch the growth!


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  1. Wayne Cousineau on 02/03/2019 at 4:25 PM

    You da man!!! Super podcast Jim… loved every minute of it. Regularly listen to Peter on NPR and your inspirational dialog with him was everything I thought it would be, and more. Miss you my friend. Sending you that special embrace that means so much more when shared between runners.

    Cousin Wayne

    • Jim Lynch on 02/03/2019 at 7:06 PM

      Aloha Wayne…So good to hear from you. So happy you enjoy the Podcast and Peter was a wonderful guest. Good people for sure. Trying to bring some good guests and content. Still cherish my time with you running #100 and miss running with you now. Who knows what the future holds…could run with you again soon 🙂

  2. Steve Jaquess on 02/10/2019 at 6:30 PM

    Fantastic podcast Jim! Loved listening to your interview of Peter Sagal and what each of you had to say. Wish I could go out right now for a run!

    • Jim Lynch on 02/11/2019 at 7:06 AM

      Thank you Steve. I appreciate your comment and glad you are enjoying the show. Peter was a pleasure to talk to.

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