Introduction: The “Feel Good Running” Podcast

By Jim Lynch | 08/09/2020 |

Hello Runners,This is the trailer that describes what the Feel Good Running podcast is all about and what you can expect. We hope you will listen and subscribe and become a part of the “Feel Good Running” family!

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Kent Wories – Future of the Independent Running Store

By Jim Lynch | 08/04/2020 |

Hello Runners, Well it is August! We are eight months into the worst year in my memory. But we have running to help us get through it. I hope it is helping you! Moving to Denver from Maui in February, I am bracing for my first fall/winter where the seasons actually change. I’ve not gone…

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Frank Campo – Prana Endurance Training

By Jim Lynch | 07/21/2020 |

Hello Runners! How is it going? It is hot just about everywhere in the USA. As if we don’t have enough to deal with already with the coronavirus, now we need to deal with the heat. Oh well, it is summer, right? Below are a couple of links to articles that provide suggestions for running…

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Marshall Ulrich – “It’s Just Who I Am”

By Jim Lynch | 07/07/2020 |

Hello Runners! We made it through the first half of 2020…barely. Congratulations! So did you survive your Independence Day holiday? Man! The fireworks were going off everywhere, and for five straight hours here in Denver all I heard was boom, crackle, boom, crackle and boom! Crazy! I hope you have all your fingers, toes, arms,…

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Running News – July 2020 (Minisode)

By Jim Lynch | 06/24/2020 |

Hello Runners! Welcome and I hope you are all healthy and well. So, as we all are enjoying whatever we can during pandemic summer, it appears it is not going away any time soon. Though businesses, retail and some restaurants are opening, more and more running races are cancelled this year. It is safe to…

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Brittany Charboneau – The Funny Runner!

By Jim Lynch | 05/28/2020 |

Hello Runners! Welcome to summer 2020! We made it! But wait…summer does not start until Saturday, June 20th. I know, I know, but in my book summer starts Memorial Day weekend! The past few episodes I spoke quite a bit about COVID-19 and how it has affected the sport of running. I even did an…

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Virtual “Colorado Trail” Challenge!

By Jim Lynch | 05/18/2020 |

Hello Runners! Another couple of weeks have passed, and we are continuing to live with this pandemic. Even as some retail stores, parks and restaurants start to re-open, it still feels restricted. Everyone is wearing a mask. It seems so unnatural. I even see more runners out there wearing a buff. It is our current reality…the…

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Should you Wear a Mask while Running?

By Jim Lynch | 05/04/2020 |

Hello Runners! Should you wear a mask while running? That is a question that has been kicked around since the Covid-19 pandemic started. We are now over two months into our lives being abruptly changed by the coronavirus. It feels like a year. I long to run with my running friends and go out to…

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What’s Your Running Routine during this Pandemic? (MiniSode)

By Jim Lynch | 04/05/2020 |

Hello Runners! How are you? Are you doing ok and getting through this pandemic as best you can? Our lives have changed for sure, and self distancing and self isolation is surely difficult especially since we never experienced anything like this in our lifetime. But we will get through it! Keep the faith. We are…

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Power of a Running Group!

By Jim Lynch | 03/29/2020 |

Hello Runners! How are you? I hope you are doing ok through these tough times with the Covid-19 virus that has shut down our communities and have dramatically changed our lives. I hope you are following the CDC guidelines and self isolating, socially distancing and washing your hands. I am so thankful that our sport…

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