Amanda Eller Maui Rescue – Core Search Team Unplugged!

By Jim Lynch | 07/08/2019 |

Amanda Eller became lost in the forest of Maui on May 8, 2019. The Maui community came together to find her and was found alive 17 days later. In this captivating and powerful conversation, the core search team discusses all aspects of the search.

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Matthew Thayer – Maui News Photojournalist & Author

By Jim Lynch | 06/12/2019 |

Matthew Thayer has been the Photojournalist for the Maui News for 39 years and is a published author. We talk about running, Maui, Hawaii, Photojournalism and how it has evolved and changed over the years. Interesting conversation!

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Bonnie VanDeraa – True Life “Wonder Woman!”

By Jim Lynch | 05/16/2019 |

On January 23, 2018, Bonnie Vanderaa survived a horrific life or death event. On March 3, 2019 she walked the entire Little Rock Arkansas Marathon. She truly is “Wonder Woman!”

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Sam & Lindsey Wilbur – The Running, Traveling & Maui Life!

By Jim Lynch | 04/21/2019 |

Sam & Lindsey Wilbur reside on Maui. Lindsey is a runner and Sam, a former runner, now has a goal to travel to every country. He is now at 107 out of 196. And he does it on very little money. Listen and find out how! Great conversation!

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Liz Roux – Life Defined by Choices NOT Circumstances

By Jim Lynch | 04/07/2019 |

Runner Liz Roux was born in China and left on a street corner at 11 months old by her parents in hope that she would have a better life. Fast forward to 2019 and she will graduate from Harvard. Her life is defined by her choices and not her circumstances.

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Tasha Ina Church – Professional Self-Defense Instructor

By Jim Lynch | 03/19/2019 |

Female Running Safety is important. Tasha Ina Church is a professional Self-Defense Instructor and provides information, tips and techniques to prepare you in a uncomfortable situation.

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Yasir Salem – The Race of His Life!

By Jim Lynch | 03/04/2019 |

Yasir Salem is running 50 Marathons in 50 Weeks in all 50 States. He is doing this in honor and memory of his wife, Gweneviere Mann who was lost to lung cancer in the summer of 2018. Also to raise awareness to cancer and the Gweneviere Mann Foundation.

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Linda Jerome – True Inspirational Runner!

By Jim Lynch | 02/15/2019 |

Linda Jerome is a true inspirational runner and my special guest this episode. She started running at 60 and tackles each run one step at a time. Of course there is a whole lot more running stuff packed into this episode. Enjoy, subscribe and share!

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Peter Sagal – The Incomplete Book of Running!

By Jim Lynch | 02/01/2019 |

Peter Sagal is the host of NPR’s Peabody Award winning weekly news quiz Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me. He is also a runner and recently released a book “The Incomplete Book of Running.” We talk about his book and running in a delightful conversation. Plus, there is a whole lot more packed into this episode including female running safety! Subscribe to receive episodes!

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Ben Blowes – Guinness Book of World Records Holder!

By Jim Lynch | 01/18/2019 |

This episode I interview Ben Blowes who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for running the 2017 London Marathon with a 55 lb tumble dryer strapped to his back! Why? Listen to find out!

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