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Should you Wear a Mask while Running?

Hello Runners!

Should you wear a mask while running? That is a question that has been kicked around since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

We are now over two months into our lives being abruptly changed by the coronavirus. It feels like a year. I long to run with my running friends and go out to breakfast, eating away the morning after a nice run. But that is probably far off. I am running. Actually, I ran more miles in April than I have in any month the past two years.

As with many of us, I’m doing my job of staying at home, I feel I am contributing my share. That is what we are supposed to do. But I am forever grateful to the selfless front line medical workers that are working day and night to exhaustion saving people but also seeing the ugly side of death. I thank all the other workers; police, firemen, grocery store workers, and so many others that are out there keeping things going. They are putting their life on the line for us. Most are healthy some are not and have passed.

We are fortunate as runners to be able to still go outside and run. But should we be wearing a mask? Well, Scientist Taisa Kushner, Coach David Manthey, and Dr. Christoper Segler give their thoughts. And a few of my serious running friends also provide their thoughts and if they wear a mask while out for a run.

I hope you enjoy this episode. It’s different than the others and provides you thought provoking opinions that may help you to decide if you should wear a mask. That is if you haven’t already decided.

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Please stay healthy and safe and respect other runners. We will get through this!

~ Jim



Taisa Kushner – Running and the Science Behind Mask Wearing – Article

Oiselle Volée Team– By and For Women Athletes – Website

Coach David MantheyRunners Edge of the Rockies Bear Chase Race Series

Dr. Christopher SeglerDoc on the RunPodcast

NPR – Is it safe to go running right now? – Article & Report

Belgian – Dutch StudyBusiness Insider Article   Medium Article – The actual study is hard to find but this article will give you the picture. The study was debunked as Taisa mentioned in the discussion.


Inspirational Running Quote (during these trying times)

“You’re Allowed to Scream, You’re Allowed to Cry, But DO NOT GIVE UP” – Anonymous


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