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Welcome to 2020 a new year and new decade. Seems almost surreal that we have reached this milestone…well at least those of us who have been around a bit!

This episode was delayed because I got sick. Yup, first time in four years. I was at a New Years Eve party with about 15 or so friends and 11 of us got sick. Some worse than others. I got the cold, cough, chest congestion, sneezing and chills. The whole sick package. So, I am sorry for the delay of this episode.

With a new year, comes new running goals. Some of you may have your goal set and maybe even a target race for this winter or spring. And some of you may be brand new at running and are already seeing incredible results. Please just stick with it.

During my opening comments of this episode, I ask the question are you an extraverted or introverted runner? This is based on an article I came across in the New York Times titled; Running While Introverted by Judy Chaves. Judy is a introvert and I thought about my running and I think I am also a introverted runner. Listen to my opening and let me know what type of runner you are!

So Ashley Schneider is my guest this episode. In 2010 Ashley ran from San Francisco to New York to raise funds and awareness for the terrible disease, Multiple Sclerosis. Her mother Jill lived with MS all her life until she passed away from it in 2017.

From that initial run, in 2013 MS Run the US Relay was born. This is a 19 segment relay that starts in Santa Monica and finishes in New York. Each selected runner will run roughy 150-170 miles in 6 days for their segment. Now in its 7th year, MS Run the US has raised over $1.5 Million Dollars. This is an incredible conversation about a dream that became a reality and is making a difference.

We also spoke to an Ambassador and segment runner, Laura Allred, who gives her view on MS Run the US Relay and why she is involved. Don’t miss this conversation. Who knows you may want to get involved!

Expect the January Minisode of Running News to be released on Thursday January 30th. And I will have a big announcement during this episode you will not want to miss!

Just show up and always, ALWAYS feel good about your running!



Jim’s Opening

Running While Introverted – Judy Chaves – The New York Times – You do need to set up a free account or subscribe to see this article. It is good. Darn.

Maui MarathonRunners Word Article – Best Half Marathon destination run in 2020. – You may need to subscribe to the on-line edition. The article is in the magazine also.


Ashley Schneider – MS Run the US Relay

Official Website




Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article Hannah Kirby Author– You get 5 free articles

Milwaukee Magazine Article Daniel Simmons Author – Need to subscribe to the Magazine – Maybe Mr. Simmons will send you a copy if you contact him.

WUWM 89.7 – Milwaukee’s NPR – Ashley’s Audio Interview hosted by Daniel Simmons

Laura Allred – MS Run the US Biography

Jayme Woyce – You Tube video of Jayme running the final segment #19 in 2019



Inspirational Running Quote

“If you can Dream it, you can do it!”Walt Disney Ashley Schneider dreamed about running across the United States and starting MS Run the US Relay all in honor of her mom Jill and to bring awareness and raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. What can you dream that you can do?


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