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Runners, you are now over halfway into January of 2019. How are you doing? If you committed to a new years resolution, specifically a running resolution are you sticking with it and seeing results? My resolution of “Dry January” does not specifically pertain to running, but certainly seems to be benefitting indirectly my running. What is dry January? Well, it’s going one full month without drinking alcohol and like many runners, I do like beer and specifically a craft IPA. So far, I’m right on pace, feeling great and running stronger. My mind is clearer and I seem to have more energy which is a definite plus. Another benefit to “Dry January” is the waistline seems to be shrinking, though I don’t really have a large waistline.

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Ben Blowes from the UK is our special interview this week and he is a Guinness Book of World Records holder. He ran the 2017 London Marathon with a 55 lb (25 kilo) tumble dryer strapped to his back. Man, running a marathon is hard enough but seriously, I can truthfully say, that was never a thought in my mind. Apparently there are others in the UK that also run with household appliances strapped to their back.  “Tony the Fridge” and “Paul the Tumble.” are well known in the UK but don’t hold any records, at least that I know of.  Seriously, there is much more to Ben than just this amazing accomplishment and we had a wonderful conversation. I know you will enjoy it!

Also in this episode I get on my soapbox and talk winter a bit and about my complete dislike for the treadmill or “dreadmill” as I like to call it. Recently, I found an article titled “9 ways to make running on a treadmill WAY more fun” written by Jody Braverman. I slice up and explain these 9 WAYS up in a humorous way. I also share some running news featuring three recent stories that I found worth sharing with the tribe. with three amazing people, Michael Waltrip (not the race car driver), Calix Fattmann and Adrianne Haslet. And of course, the episode closes with a motivational running quote for you to think about during your run. Motivational quotes are my jam!

Currently, you can expect two podcast episodes per month to enjoy and as the show grows and I’m hoping to increase to weekly episodes. As you all know, we all must make a living and having enough time can be a factor. The great thing about podcasts is they are FREE and I’ve recorded and lined up some great interviews that I’m very excited to share with you. If you or someone you know has an inspirational story about running or giving back to the running community, please consider going to the main page of the website. There you can type in a brief summery in the section provided and I will be sure to get back to you.

Thanks again for listening, enjoy this episode and remember to always, ALWAYS feel good about YOUR running!

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Jim’s Opening:

9 Ways to Make Running on a Treadmill WAY More Fun – Article by Jody Braverman from – Jody Braverman Website


Running News Links:


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Ben Picture

Ben Blowes - Porta John


ben blowes - Tumble Dryer

Tumble Dryer (2)

Inspirational Running Quote

“Serious Running begins when YOU take running SERIOUSLY!”.”

Get serious and get running so 2019 is a year to remember!


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  1. Kristen on 01/24/2019 at 2:30 AM

    This morning, as I was running in Upstate NY after a big storm and frigid temperatures, I was really enjoying your thoughts about the dreadmill! I am new to running and I can’t stand the treadmill. I enjoy being outside in the open and will brave the 20 degrees-5 windchill!

    • Jim Lynch on 01/24/2019 at 2:48 PM

      Thanks for your comment Kristen. I so remember those days. But will say, I would rather be outside after a big storm and frigid temperatures as opposed to being on a “dreadmill” for sure. Thank you for listening. I so much appreciate it. ~Jim

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