Running Inspirational News– November 23, 2021 (Heart Edition)

By Jim Lynch | 11/23/2021 |

Hello Runners, Happy Thanksgiving! This is the time of the year when we all give thanks for the blessings in our lives. And we share our time with the people we love over a nice meal. Thankfully, we have that opportunity this year, though we must still be respectful to follow the current restrictions as…

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Running Inspirational News– November 10, 2021

By Jim Lynch | 11/10/2021 |

Hello Runners, It’s November! Can you believe how fast this year has gone? 2022 is upon us, but first, we must get through the long, dragged-out holiday season. Maybe you like this time of the year. I do, but not for over two months. Seriously! Well, the major fall race season is over. The New…

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Running Inspirational News– October 26, 2021 (Halloween Edition)

By Jim Lynch | 10/26/2021 |

Hello Runners, Happy Halloween! I narrowly escaped a haunted house that I was in with a scary guy chasing me with an ax! But I made it out and am relieved that I can keep bringing you new episodes of Feel Good Running. Or perhaps you wish he would have caught me 🙂 The fall…

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Running Inspirational News– October 13, 2021 (Minisode)

By Jim Lynch | 10/13/2021 |

Hello Runners, Live races! Two USA major marathons, Chicago and Boston, are in the history books. Denver’s Colfax Marathon this weekend and NYC Marathon around the corner. What a great feeling if you are a runner! I completed my first race in over two years, the Denver Hot Chocolate 15k. What a perfect day, great…

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Running Inspirational News– September 21, 2021 (Minisode)

By Jim Lynch | 09/21/2021 |

Hello Runners, Fall is here. Summer was hot. Mornings are now cool. Running is good. Well, until the snow flies here in Denver. Yeah, not a fan. I need to suck it up! I am very excited because I am back in the game as a team member involved in putting on the Bear Chase…

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Motivation “Runday” Monday – Michelle Garcia – Maricopa, AZ – 9/6/21

By Jim Lynch | 09/06/2021 |

Hello Runners! Motivation Runday Monday features a unique runner that gives a motivating running message to get your running week off on the right foot! This episode is a special edition of Motivation “Runday” Monday. A few episodes ago, I said I was discontinuing MRM because of no participation from runners. Well, wouldn’t you know it,…

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Running Inspirational News– August 28, 2021 (Minisode)

By Jim Lynch | 08/28/2021 |

Hello Runners, We all need the inspiration to achieve our goals. Running inspiration comes from many sources, but I believe our primary source of inspiration comes from other runners. Those that have challenged themselves starting with the believability level at close to zero. “I could never do that,” “that is for other people but not…

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Running Inspirational News – August 6, 2021 (Minisode)

By Jim Lynch | 08/06/2021 |

Hello Runners, It’s August, and we are cruising fast through the summer! Finally, fall races are upon us, and I hope you follow your training plans and are ready to crush your upcoming race. Unfortunately, Motivation “Runday” Monday has gone away. After the initial surge, the participation was not there. But it was fun while…

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Letty Lundi – Marathon Runner and Running Podcast Host

By Jim Lynch | 07/05/2021 |

Hello Runners, It is July! Summer is moving at lightning speed and soon, fall race season, however that will look, will be in full swing. That means you must be in full training if you are doing a fall race. My guest in this episode is Letty Lundi, co-host with her husband Ryan, of the…

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Running Race Events are Back! – Race Directors Lonnie Somers & Creigh Kelley

By Jim Lynch | 06/14/2021 |

Hello Runners, Running race events are back. Yes, and with a vengeance. Boston, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, London, and Colfax marathons are just to name a few coming back this fall. Some of these are predicting 25,000, 30,000, and more runners! Just a few months ago, we were still in the pandemic with no end…

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