Tell Us About Your Fall 2021 RACE Experience!

Now that live running races are back, tell us about your race experience!  Was it good to be back running with people and experiencing the thrill and excitement of a live race? We want to hear from you and we will include snippets of your recorded thoughts in an upcoming episode. Listeners will be motivated and excited to hear your thoughts!

To be a part of this and share your thoughts just follow the questions below?

You will have up to 5 minutes to record your message which you can do from your phone, tablet or laptop or desktop.  Don't worry if you mess up. We will be editing them and promise to make you sound real good!

Here are the suggested questions and please follow this sequence- you will want to make a copy of these questions since you will be directed to another page to record:

  1. Say your name, where you live (city-state), and how long have you been running.
  2. What race did you run (name, distance, city-state)?
  3. What was it like to be a part of a live race again and did you feel comfortable being around and running with others?
  4. Tell us about your race day experience and how you did!!!!
  5. What do you remember the most about your race?

It's really that simple!  Remember you have 5 minutes to record your message.


Recording Audio Not Your Thing?

You can also send a Email about your experience and Jim will read parts of it on an episode. You can send it to

And please feel free to share this with other runners. The more that participate the better. It's really about runners inspiring other runners!