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Power of a Running Group!

Hello Runners! How are you? I hope you are doing ok through these tough times with the Covid-19 virus that has shut down our communities and have dramatically changed our lives. I hope you are following the CDC guidelines and self isolating, socially distancing and washing your hands. I am so thankful that our sport…

Running Inspirational News– September 21, 2021 (Minisode)

Hello Runners, Fall is here. Summer was hot. Mornings are now cool. Running is good. Well, until the snow flies here in Denver. Yeah, not a fan. I need to suck it up! I am very excited because I am back in the game as a team member involved in putting on the Bear Chase…

Motivating Running News – December 2019 (Minisode)

Hello Runners! Happy Holidays! I hope you are relaxing and having some very relaxing down time with your family and friends. We all need this from time to time and especially since we are about to enter into a new decade! Do you believe it! Well last month the Minisode running news episode was a…

Linda Jerome – True Inspirational Runner!

Linda Jerome is a true inspirational runner and my special guest this episode. She started running at 60 and tackles each run one step at a time. Of course there is a whole lot more running stuff packed into this episode. Enjoy, subscribe and share!