Al Balmer – Running Marathons & Remembering Manny

Hello Runners, It’s almost summer, and things are looking optimistic in the running world. About time wouldn’t you say? On May 5, 2021, my sister-in-law, Lorraine Lynch passed away. She was in my life since I was born. Lorraine was a kind, giving, and selfless woman who was the glue of our family. There are…

David Zonker & Jim Lynch – Our 50 States Marathon Journey

Hello Runners, Happy New Year! I hope all is well with each of you, and you are staying safe and healthy! I’ve not released an interview podcast episode in January because I’ve been working on the new Motivation “Runday” Monday quick episodes. They are going well and feature runners just like you. If you would…

Motivation “Runday” Monday – Arlene Emerson – Hawaii – 1-11-21

Motivation Runday Monday features a runner each week that gives a motivating running message that will get your week off on the right foot!

This episodes featured runner is Arlene Emerson from Hawaii! Thank you Arlene for inspiring other runners.

You also can be a part of Motivation Runday Monday and be featured on an episode. Full instructions with the questions to answer along with a link to record up to a 5 minutes message can be found at

Refresh, Retool & Peter Sagal

Hello Runners, The Feel Good Running podcast will be two years old at the beginning of December. That is quite an amount of time in the podcast world. Many podcast’s start up and end just as fast, when it is realized how much work goes into doing an episode. Being the 34th episode of the…